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Corporate Restructuring Services

EY Restructuring offers leadership in difficult and complex situations to rapidly solve, execute and ultimately transform the outcome. We deliver solutions at pace. Whether our clients are companies, lenders, investors, or other stakeholders and whether they are on the brink of a crisis or seeking to build resilience in their business, we work closely alongside them to deliver the financial and organisational outcomes that enable them to adapt and succeed.

  • Independent Business Review (IBR)

    In particularly challenging situations, when businesses are facing increasing risks and challenges to continued trading, we create the time, space and environment to develop and deliver the right solutions using our extensive experience. We preserve value by optimizing resources. Our independent reviews offer in-depth insights to stakeholders to enable accurate decision making. We use a wide range of analytical techniques to rapidly identify drivers of opportunity and areas for further focus, including using interactive digital visualisations. Our analytics identify, evaluate and communicate key issues to management and the wider business.

  • Financial restructuring

    Stakeholders are asked to respond quickly when businesses underperform or suffer liquidity shortfalls or value erosion. Additionally, when a company breaches or expects to breach its repayment obligations or has insufficient headroom on its banking facilities, it will need to negotiate with its lenders. This can be part of an overall turnaround plan or a stand-alone action when operations are sound but the company is highly geared. 

    We help provide support in a rapidly changing environment when information is incomplete, or agendas are no longer aligned and mutual confidence has reduced due to a variety of reasons. We assist in all kinds of financial restructuring situations such as lender negotiation, recapitalisation, capital raising, structured transactions, accelerated M&A and other special situations. Additionally we provide comprehensive analysis of options, appraising achievable alternatives and exploring alternative fund sources and help stakeholders understand the range and implications of the options achievable within the available timeframe.

    On fund raising/ re-financing, we help our clients access debt capital markets on the best possible terms across leveraged finance, investment grade and structured finance markets, covering new capital raising, refinancing, amendments and options assessment. We leverage our in-depth industry understanding and our network with lenders to provide value added services in achievement of timely financial closure.

  • Appointment under the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code

    We act as Insolvency Professionals (IPs) under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (IBC) to carry out fiduciary responsibilities set out therein. Our wealth of experience in both financial & operational aspects of a business across sectors help us preserve value for the stakeholders and successfully transform businesses. As part of the corporate insolvency and resolution process under the IBC code, we are/ have been engaged in the resolution process for some of the marquee engagements in India. Our expertise in managing competing agendas, developing options related to balance sheet restructuring and executing decisions at pace to maintain stakeholder support in a stressed environment provides a clear differentiation in the market.

  • Operations Restructuring and Corporate Turnaround

    We address urgent and important business problems at all stages of the business life cycle. From accelerating value creation to stabilizing crisis and driving a turnaround, EY’s operational restructuring and corporate turnaround team delivers tangible results, quickly, deploying an experience-based financial and operational improvement approach tailored for each situation.

    The EY restructuring team can also help in Identifying and driving opportunities for improvement in bottom line across all facets of procurement, operations and supply chain. 

  • Liquidity, Cash flow monitoring and Working Capital Improvement

    Where cash pressure is acute and requires active management to ensure shot-term survival, we support the management team through rapid improvement of short-term forecasting to increase visibility of cash requirements.

    We independently review the efficiency of existing cash management systems, perform sample testing of cash controls, review the forecasting methodology and accuracy of short term cash–flow forecasts. Through this, we impact the cash flow culture, tangibly. Additionally we also help companies them develop the three main ingredients of a strong working capital management:

    • Identification of cash generating opportunities
    • Optimizing working capital availability and usage
    • Visibility & control across stakeholders through creation of Management dashboards
  • Liquidation and Closure Support

    We give organisations’ strategy advice when a subsidiary, division, product, site or business in its entirety is to be wound down and closed. We work cooperatively with management and other stake holders, as the case may be, to evaluate the closure of underperforming companies or business divisions. We can review the closure options, devise an overall strategy and manage the implementation. We have a strong blend of practical, commercial, operational and financial skills as well as providing full project management and plan implementation support. We understand that time and efficiency are key in such situations and our experience in handling complex liquidations and wind-downs help us navigate through challenges. Our experience across the value chain enables us to take difficult decisions efficiently, when they are needed the most.




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